Monday, April 1, 2013

The Strangest Thing Happened Today

I think it is important to know that the Lord is always near us, with us, and even in us. He is always present, in a deep and significant way; even when we do absolutely nothing to draw near to him; even when we actively run away.

We are the children of a strange God who doesn't count our sins against us. He doesn't wait for us to draw near to him in order to draw near to us. He isn't hindered by our irresponsibility, nor is he resisted by our seemingly random situations.

Typically, I begin my day in the Word. Sitting in a quiet place under the Scriptures helps me to approach my crazy days. It is primarily during these times that I gain a sense of direction, become satisfied in God, and find motivation to love others.

Today was atypical. I forewent the Scriptures and began work around the house. The strangest thing happened. As I was washing dishes at the sink, before I thought of the Lord or meditated on his Word, I felt an overwhelming sense of his presence. I felt his love for me.

It was profound and preceded any action of my own towards God. He came to me. Without invitation, he entered my heart's door. He invaded my space. He loved me.

This may be a foundational truth of Christianity - that the Lord reaches us before we reach for him. But I often forget the practical aspects of this truth for my life. It was refreshing and praise-inspiring to know that he is faithful and pleasantly-impatient. Yes, he is patient in that he doesn't immediately punish, but he is impatient in that he doesn't wait on our actions to actively love us.

Today, it was so good to know that my Father in heaven loves me. It was good to feel his mercy and care. And it was humbling to since his pursuit of me, especially when I did not pursue him first.

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  1. I had felt alone in the world after my beloved wife took her and our bullmasstifs lives in the garage beneath our bedroom, leaving me with a brain injury. I went on holiday some years later in Spain and got lost up a big hill. I got to my knees and prayed God if you exist lead me back to you and back to the hotel. A calmness befell me and I easily found my way back. Being Spain, there was a Holy Bible in the hotel room and I studied it and found my way back to my Fathers heart. He had never abandoned me. It was me who again and again denied Christ who had come to save me. God bless us all and let us all be a blessing from God to others. Your bro Peter